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Our Menu



Mixed salad summer style with wild herbs, fresh sprouts, roasted sunflower seeds,homemade dressing and bread 5,7,9,a,c,h,j

6,90 €

Tranches of home-marinated wild salmon with caviar curd, red onions, potato-blinis and a small mixed salad 2,a,c,d,h 
12,90 €

Homemade deer terrine, Cumberland sauce and spicy apple-onion-salad 2,5,7,c,h,i 
11,80 €

Salad “Caprese” – yellow and red tomatoes, rocked salad and basil with olive oil and balsamic vinegar a,c,j
8,90 €


Cream-soup of cress with stripes of home smoked goose breast h,i
5,90 €

Cream-soup of red sweet pepper with backed leek straw  h,i
5,80 €

Consommé of venison with deer-cranberry-ravioli, root vegetables and fresh herbs a,c,h,i

5,90 €



Tagliatelle with mediterranean vegetables and fresh tomatoes, green onions and parmesan a,c,h 
11,80 €

Vegetable strudel with sweet pepper sauce and fresh basil a,i,l
10,50 €


Pan fried filet of pike with sautéed celery and rosemary potatoes a,h,i
14,80 €

Pan fried filet of catfish with horseradish crust and boiled vegetable wheat a,h,i
14,80 €

Young herring filet on sauce made of apple, onion and cream with potatoes and salad 2,c,d,h,j
12,50 €

Meat, Paultry and Game

Chicken breast filled with sheep`s cheese, dried tomatoes, rocked salad, mediterranean vegetables and rosemary potatoes 5,h,i
16,40 €

Filet of pork in an herbal coat served with Vichy carrots and homemade bread dumplings 2,5,a,h,i
14,80 €

Boiled veal tenderloin served with potato-root-vegetables and horseradish sauce  5,7,h,i
15,90 €

Roulade of deer filled with smoked bacon, chestnuts and dried fruits, red wine-cranberry sauce,
apple-onion-vegetables and Saxon dumplings 2,5,7,9,a,c,h,i,l
19,80 €

Medaillon of young boar in rosemary sauce with fried oyster and herbal-potato crullers  2,5,a,h,i
25,80 €

Steak of beef (medium) with herbs butter, beans, red wine shallots and sweet potato fries  h,i
26,50 €

Hearty Dishes

Roasted dear liver with port wine risotto and caramelised apple wedges a,h,i
11,90 €

Homemade aspic of deer with wild-cranberry remoulade, roasted potatoes and salad bouquet 1,5,7,9,c,h,i,j
12,50 €


Saxon curd pancakes with sugar, cinnamon and apple sauce 1,5,a,h
5,50 €

Mint-Panna Cotta with strawberry salad c,h
6,20 €

Wild berries in white wine jelly served with a lime-mascarpone cake and vanilla ice cream 1,a,c,h 
6,50 €

Variety of Saxon cheese with homemade cherry-mustard, olives and grapes served with butter and freshly baked bread a,h,j
9,80 €


1=Colourings, 2=Conservativesl, 3=Chinin, 4=Caffein
5=Antioxidents, 6=Phosphates, 7=Sweeteners, 8=Artificial Flavourings,
9=Sulfites, 10=Iron Salts


a=Gluten, b=Crab, c=Eggs, d=Fish, e=Peanuts, f=Soy
g=Edible nuts, h=Milk, i=Cellery, j=Mustard, k=Sesame
l=Sulfur Dioxid, m=Lupines, n=Molluscs